New Homeowner Lists

New Homeowners = New Business

New Homeowners spend around $20 Billion Dollars per year on Home Improvement Projects and Billions per year on other Services and Activities.

From Accountants to Zoo Keepers, if you are not marketing to New Home Owners, you are missing out on the hottest money spending market there is.

Since 1981, we have been turning New Homeowners; into your New Customers, Clients, Patients and Members.

New Homeowner & Movers Mailing List

  • We are not like other mailing list providers who sell every niche and consumer mailing list they can. We do one thing and do it very well, New Homeowner Mailing Lists, period. We are experts at new homeowner and new mover mailing list marketing to your targeted consumer or B2B audience. Weekly Home Buyers List, Inc. has been providing new homeowner mailing lists to businesses such as yours for over 30 years! 

  • This year, millions of Americans are going to move into a new home. In the first few months, they’re going to need all kinds of things – everything from phone and cable service, to patio furniture and pizza delivery. New Homeowners and movers will need new services; like car insurance, beauty, home improvement and will need to find a new dentist. New movers with new needs. New Homeowners will be your perfect source of new customers, clients, patients and members.

  • We will provide you with a high quality mailing list of New Homeowners in your area for a low price. Once you subscribe to the weekly New Home Owner service, you will be the first to contact these new prospects that just moved in your neighborhood. You don’t want your competition to get these new customers first, so dive in and get your business moving!

  • Who are the New Homeowners and New Movers in your area? Weekly Homebuyers List, Inc knows and can supply them all to you, on a weekly basis.

Why new homeowner mailing lists?


  • Just Qualified for a loan; They care credit worthy.
  • Have a steady income; they can afford you.
  • Are in a buying mood; They have to make their home beautiful.
  • Are in need; They need things done to fix theri beautiful home.
  • Are new to the area; Have no clue who to call.

By subscribing to our New Homeowner Mailing Lists, you will receive a fresh, steady stream of new prospects that need your products and services. We will help you to reach this extremely lucrative target market.

Target Marketing is New Homeowner Marketing - it all begins with our New Homeowner Mailing Lists! Your search for new customers, clients, patients and members is over! We will put your business in front of people who need you most - New Homeowners.

Did you know that in a typical marketing radius, there are approximately 400-500 New Homeowners moving in and buying homes? If you put your advertisement in front of them, they will contact you.

What info we have to help you

  •  Purchase Price
  • Phone Number (on occasion)
  • Subdivision
  • Lender Name
  • Loan Type
  • Home Data
  • Veteren Owned
  • Roof Type
  • Last Upgrade to home
  • Tons more info on the home
  •  Closing Date
  • Email address (on occasion)
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Rate Type
  • New Construct or Existing Home
  • Poll Present
  • Garage Space
  • Disabled Owned
  • Year Built
  • Senior Citizen Owned

The flexibility to hand-pick your own area to target is extremely effective and useful. You can speak with one of our consultants about any other specialty filters you are interested in for your marketing campaign, today.

We know that for success in today's market, you need recognized and verified marketing and advertising techniques, and we are satisfied to provide businesses like yours with the tools that are required for success.

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