Business To Business (B2B) Marketing Mailing Lists...

Do you provide products or services to other businesses? New businesses can spend up to two years building a solid customer base, while the average business consistently loses up to 20% of its client base each year. . .

What are you doing to supplement these facts?

Target New Businesses!

Tap into a steady stream of new clients with our New Business to Business Direct Mailing Lists. New business owners need everything. As they open their doors, they must build relationships with different companies to provide them with the products and services they require to operate their business. They need to invest money to make money. Making an early connection with these new businesses will likely build a lasting and profitable relationship.

  • New businesses have no buying loyalties and need everything from office furniture, insurance to computers. Market your company to a receptive audience!
  • Get access fast! Weekly Homebuyers List offers a very fast, weekly, updated, list of new businesses which allows your business to contact these owners fast, before your competition!
  • Target by zip code or by country. You have the flexibility to select the areas you would like to advertise to and then we will provide you with weekly updates of all the businesses that opened in your area.
  • Market your business more effectively! We provide you with the Company name, address, phone number and the key contact information. Whether mailing to or telemarketing these new businesses, or both, your company will be able to build an immediate rapport and experience a higher response rate!
  • Choose your format! Most clients receive our data via email which allows them to build a comprehensive database for repetitive marketing. We can also supply it on peel and stick mailing labels which makes mailing very easy. Just peel, stick and mail.

What does all this information means to you?

The economy will always go up and down while twisting and turning. But one thing will remain constant! The American entrepreneur and capitalist will always be buying and starting New and Existing businesses. In fact there are close to 800,000 new businesses every year that start up. New Businesses and their owners face many challenges, your services and products can ease their burden. Call us today for pricing and counts in you area.

If you are a business owner, manager, or opportunist advertising to new businesses makes business sense. The following types of businesses have a proven track record and receive the highest response rates:

Accountant, Advertising, Art Gallery, Auto Dealer, Auto Repair/Service, Auto Wash, Bank, Bar, Catering, Cell Phone Service, Computer Sales, Service/Repair, Day Care, Document Storage and Shredding, Electrician, Financial and Benefits Planner, General Contractor, Golf Club, Health Club, Identity Theft, Ink Cartridge, Insurance, Interior Decorator, IT Specialist, Janitorial, Merchant Services, Office Supplies, Printing, Rental, Restaurant, Security System, Shipping and Mailing Services, Signs, Storage, Water Cooler.