Working with Residential New Home Buyers

These families are brand new to your neighborhood. They are full of hope and eager to spend. As they settle into their new neighborhoods, they must establish relationships with businesses close to work and home. Reaching these new residential home buyers while they are getting acquainted with their new surroundings makes an early connection that is likely to create a lasting relationship.

Get there fast!

Weekly Homebuyers List offers a very fast, weekly, updated, list of new homeowners which allows your business to contact these new homeowners fast, before your competition!

Pick your market!

Target by zip code or by county. You have the flexibility to select the areas you would like to advertise to. Targetting by zipcode is one of the most effective means of determining your target audience(s). Have more specific criteria?

  • Speak with one of our consultants about our specialty filters.
  • Targeted direct mail is very effective and response rates out perform other advertising!

Know your prospect!

We provide the first and last names of both members of the household, physical mailing address, phone numbers where available, and loan and lender information when available. Build instant rapport with these new homeowners and experience higher response rates!

Choose your format!

Most clients receive our data via email which allows them to build a comprehensive database for repetitive marketing. We can also supply it on peel and stick mailing labels which makes mailing very easy. Just peel, stick and mail.

What does all this information means to you?

The economy will always go up and down while twisting and turning. But one thing will remain constant! The American people will always be buying and selling homes. With over 3,000,000 new homebuyers per year moving in and purchasing homes, approximately 300 new homebuyers moving in around your business (please keep in mind this is an average of a metropolitan suburb, please call for exact counts), new homebuyers remain one of the most profitable resources to tap into.

When buying a list, remember New Homebuyer and New Mover are totally different. New Movers Lists are typically generated by utility hook ups or phone hook ups and they include a number of un-occupied homes, renters etc.

We pride ourselves in quality data. We understand price point and conservatism.

Please ask yourself this question; Who would I want as a client?

  • An individual that will come in once for my free give away and move in 6 months?
  • Or a family that will be in a home that they own that I may retain residual business from over and over again?!

If you are a business owner, manager, or opportunist advertising to the new homeowners makes business sense. The following types of businesses have a proven track record and receive the highest response rates:

Accountant, Amusement Park, Appliances, Art Gallery, Auto Dealer, Auto Repair/Service, Auto Wash, Bank, Bar, Beauty Salon/Spa, Bicycle Shop, Blinds, Carpet, Cell Phone Service, Chiropractor, Church, Computer Service/Repair, Cosmetics, Dance Studio, Day Care, Decks, Dentist, Doctor, Drapes, Dry Cleaning, Electrician, Eye Doctor, Fencing, Financial Planner, Flooring, Frame Store, Furniture, General Contractor, Golf Club, Grocery, Health Club, Home Décor, Home Entertainment/Service/Installation, Home Improvement, Insurance, Interior Decorator, Landscape, Mason, Painter Interior/Exterior, Pest Control, Plumber, Rental, Restaurant, Security System, Storage, Vacuum Sales/Repair, Veterinarian, Water Treatment