Sales Leads Lists

For Experts Only
We hear these most often from those running businesses that have a high 'expert quotient.' These are businesses that are run by experts or craftsmen -- those highly skilled in a particular area -- like IT, Web Development, Software Development, Consulting or Law.

The common problem with these businesses is that to the 'uninitiated,' it's very hard to tell the difference between one service provider and another. They all seem to provide the basics: a new intranet; a website; a consulting project that delivers a final result; legal or tax advice.

Which creates a big challenge: if the customer thinks you look like everyone else, how do you stand out in a crowd and also avoid bidding wars that turn you into a commodity? Here's one way we found to do it.

The Lightning Bolt
About 15 years ago, we joined a British software company as head of US operations. In-market for about a year, they had about 5 customers and zero penetration. After we joined we began experimenting with new marketing and sales messaging to speak to the unique styles & needs of US customers.

End result: hundreds of customers, plus annual growth of 100%+. The difference? Our story and how we communicated it.

Proof Positive? Or One-Off?
Okay, so it worked once. Big deal.

But after this discovery, we began testing this approach on other businesses we joined or consulted with. Since we generally went into companies who were struggling to grow and wanted help, we found them a willing test bed for growth formulas and tools.

As we implemented this approach at company after company, we began to see a clear trend emerge: If you broadcast a clear, compelling story that explains your secret sauce and connects with prospects on both a head & heart level, you grow.