Targeting Your Company Marketing Lists...

Weekly Homebuyers List, a target marketing company, understands the need for businesses to target the right prospect.

We can customize a US Business List, US Consumer household or New Movers list for your business. Our Specialty lists include:

    Industry Specific Lists:

  • Focus on a specific industry; such as, Finance, Law, Medicine, Restaurants and Entertainment and Home Improvements (and so many more).
  • Area Specific Lists:

  • We have the capabilities of narrowing or expanding searches by Country, State, City and/or Zip Codes. You will no longer have to be concerned about where your message will end up, you can determine that ahead of time. This will ensure you're reaching the right audience, in the right area!
  • Demographic Lists:

  • We have the capability to base all of our queries on a broad array of demographics. Male or Female, Annual Income, Rent or Own. The possibilities are endless.
  • Cellular Telephone Lists:

  • All telephone information is in complete compliance with the most recent "Do Not Call List" and associated regulations.
  • Email Lists:

  • We only offer email addresses that are 100% permission-based, meaning that the subscribers have asked to receive information on products, services and topics in which they are interested. We stand behind our "No Spam" policy and collect quality opt-in emails from our network of partners. The source of our email lists are registration forms, in which consumers actively request information about products or services that are of specific interest to them. The cost effectiveness of opt-in email lists cannot be stressed enough. Our lists represent individuals who have specific interests. Achieve better response rates, more conversions, and greater overall sales by acquiring our opt-in email lists.

Please contact us to customize a specialty direct mailing list or email marketing list package for your company today.